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Music and soundtracks

We can develop, selection and sales background music and sound. In the production of original music tracks we cooperate with musical artists, multi-instrumentalist and producer. We buy audio tracks according to your requirements.

Sound plays an indispensable role in scenes evoke the atmosphere of films, commercials and multimedia presentations. We create an original or deliver existing tracks in any musical genre, licensed music or sound effects for post-production purposes and the production of audiovisual works.

We have access to many foreign music libraries that cover a wide spectrum of musical genres, including Rock, Fusion, R & B, Pop, Ambient, Techno, News, Sci-fi, Cartoons, World Music, Hip-Hop, Latin, Jazz, Orchestral, Ballads and more.

All songs have been specially adapted for professional use in film, television, radio, audiovisual and multimedia products and properly licensed and cleared for commercial use. Among the artists in the music we use music libraries include prominent Czech and foreign composers.

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